news-update from the world of electro- and hybrid drives





+++Bosch is developing new 48-V-Battery for Hybrid-Vehicles. This standarised Power-Cell will be  easily able to be integrated in new and smaller Cars. It needs, according to Bosch, no active cooling and is built in a plastic housing for reducing costs. The Lithium-Cells have been innovational arranged to be capable of the pressure in a plastic housing. Production is scheduled to be starting by the end of 2018+++



+++Hydrogen-Council founded in Davos. Jan 17, 2017. On the occasion of this Years World Economic Forum in Davos, 13 leading companies in Energy, Mobility and industrial applications founded a new global initiative, the Hydrogen Council. The companies, namely Air Liquide, Alstom, Anglo American, BMW Group, Daimler, Engie, Honda, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Shell, Linde, Total and Toyota, want to promote Hydrogen as one of the most promising solutions in future energy. Hydrogen-based technologies and products are developing fast and find their way into global markets. +++


Fully integrated eAxle-Drive-System from Bosch

+++Stuttgart, Jan 10, 2017. Robert Bosch Mobility Solutions provides new drive to electric powertrains, showing a fully integrated drive train for e-cars and h-cars at the NAIAS in Detroit. The system combines e-engine, gearbox and electronic components in one compact housing, thus reducing the complexity and making the drive train more efficient and reasonably cheaper in production.  



Integrated compact eAxle Solution from Bosch


Honda Clarity Fuel Cell comes to Europe

+++ Frankfurt, Jan 10, 2017. The first six Honda Clarity fuel Cell Limousines have arrived in Europe, to be delivered to customers in London and Copenhagen. They are part of the Project „HyFIVE“ (Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles). Following the initial phase, another 185 Fuel Cell Cars by five Producers will go to private and corporate customers in Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Sweden. 



Honda unveils new Fuel Cell Car for 2016

New Honda Fuel Cell Car


+++Detroit, January 13, 2015 - The Honda FCV Concept made its North American debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Showwith U.S. availability of the production vehicle in 2016. In an effort to ensure Honda’s environmental vehicles remain strong competitors and provide a new sales-volume pillar, the company will offer several next-generation, advanced powertrain vehicles,including a new battery-electric model and plug-in hybrid model by2018. +++


Toyota releases more than 5600 patents on fcw and other drives

+++Cologne, jan. 20, 2015.  Toyota opens the way to a wider distribution of fuel cell cars. The company now releases more than5600 patents on alternative powertrain-technology to the public.
The japanese car constructor is forerunner in this field, with more than15 years of experience in reserach and design. Since dec 15, 2014 the toyota mirai can be ordered in japan as the first fuel-cell-drivencar of the brand. The first car already has been delivered to japanese prime minister shinzu abe. Starting in september 2015, the car will also be introduced in other markets, including germany. The zero-emission mirai offers comparable power and range to conventional gasoline and diesel cars.












 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car 2015



bmw i 3 in London


+++BMW i3 launched for € 34.950. the BMW i3, first fully electric serial car from BMW Group, has been launched simultaneously in london, new york and shanghai, basic priced (german market) for € 34.950 inclusive battery. a range extender with a 2-zylinder 25 kw petrol engine, will be charged for €


+++eCarTec Munich 2013 with a wider range of hybrids . under the motto  „Connecting Mobility Markets!“  the  eCarTec Munich from october 15. to 17  on the Messe München fairground will be providing a comprehensive picture  for all topics of electric mobility.  With the focus on „Electric Vehicles“, „Powertrain & Electronics“, „Energy Storage“, „Energy & Infrastructure“, „Maintenance & Spareparts“, „Mobility Concepts & Finance“, and weight reduction, the eCarTec shows a complete range on the actual status of electro- and hybrid-mobility. on a driving course, all exhibited models can be test-driven.  




+++ hydraulic hybrid elected "engine of the year". commonly developed by by bosch and PSA Peugeot Citroen, the hydrailic hybrid engine has been awarded as "international engine of the year" by a Jury of 78 european motor journalists. the new drive train will be the first hydraulic hybrid with high pressure hydraulic stores. it enables energy and co² reductions up to 45 percent in innercity




New Renault ZOE

 +++ June 8, 2013. Renault ZOE on the road. as fourth battery-driven-e-model, Renault is launching the compact ZOE on the european market. technically based on the Nissan leaf and the Renault Clio, the small sedan already has found more than 2.500 customers in France. its fast charging 400-V-system requires only 30 min, enabling a range of up to 240 km. german retail Price starts at 21.900 €.



E-Drives: Oliver Wyman and VDA-Study expect annual growth rates of 20 percent+ until 2025.          May 24, 2013. in a new study conducted by Oliver wyman and VDA -Verband der Automobilindustrie - electric drives are expected the strongest growth in production. even though it is still uncertain whether customers will accept this technology, the value creation for this module will be increasing by more than 20 percent a year, the study predicts. this is a result of the currently small volumes and the continued high legal demands in CO2-reduction. by contrast, global production value creation of the automotive industry will grow a little more than 3 percent a year between 2012 and 2025.




Bosch and PSA are developing electro-hydraulic drives

+++Bosch and PSA cooperate on hydraulic hybrids. Jan 23, 2013. Following the successful introduction of the electric axle-split-hybrid within the diesel-range of the PSA-group, Bosch and PSA are planning to developing a common hydraulic hybrid-drive for passenger cars. The hydraulic system contains in principle on two hydraulic units with high-pressure stores. The power-split-concept enables either mechanic drive, hydraulic drive, or a combination of both. Thus, the combustion engine can be used in a energy-saving modus at lower load. Braking energy canbe recuperated and stored. CO2 and fuel consumption can be reduced up to 45 percent in the city-cycle. The system can be combined with every conventional drive and is planned to be introduced in the small car segment at the end of this +++



+++ e-monday being incorporated in MunichExpo. e-mobility network e-Monday, founded in 2008  as e-mobility user platform, has been taken over by munichexpo gmbh, organizer ofeCarTech Munich and eCarTech Paris. common goal is creating synergies on a higher expert-level, says munichexpo CEO Robert Metzger. managing director of e-Monday is Christine Mariel.


Honda Mikro Commuter

+++honda is launching mikro-commuter city concept. the company is announcing a new version of its elektro mikro car-concept for a field-test in 2013. powered by a 15 kW elektro-motor, the 2,5 m-car is offering a variable platform with three seats, and a range of 60 km at 80km/h max speed. charging time for the li-ion-batteries will be less than 3 h.




Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. in papamobil-Version


+++renault kangoo maxi z.e. as papamobil. renault has custom-built and provided two specially equipped versions of the renault kangoo.z.e. with large sliding doors, and, of course, bullet-proof, for pope benedict xvi. the new papamobil can make up to 140 km fully charged. +++


+++ renault is planning battery-production for e-cars in france. in a joint venture with electronic specialist lg chem, renault is planning a production plant for li-ion-batteries in france. production shall be starting in the 2nd half of 2015. site andvolumes have not been reveiled yet.


+++daimler and byd are presenting e-mobil-brand denza. byd daimler new technology (bdnt), a 50:50 joint venture by daimler and chinese battery and car manufacturer byd, are developing a battery-driven vehicle under the brand name denza. The first denza will be a sleek, elegant five-door limousine to be presented in


+++ toyota: fuel cell-hybrid in 2015. the world-leading hybrid-maker announces a zero-emission fuel cell-driven passenger car in 2015, replacing the gasoline engine now synchronized. The hydrogen-powered version will be “reasonably priced”.

++toyota yaris hybrid below € 17.000. as first full-hybrid in the european b-segment, toyota has aggressively priced its new baby-hybrid  below € 17.000. combined power-output is 74 kW/100 HP, CO2-is 79 mg per km, the lowest rate for a serial car.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid, 2012

+++toyota presenting yaris hybrid at geneva show. as first full-hybrid in the european b-segment, toyota will be presenting the yaris in march 2012 in geneva. price has not been fixed yet, but the company is promising the `lowest budget full hybrid on the european market”. also on display in geneva will be the concepts of next generation of toyota plug-ins,namely the ns4 and the fcv-r.


Strom tanken
Six elephants are charging together

+++ six german elephants are forming an e-mobility-platform. six of the most important industrial  groups in germany want to build up  a joint venture in the first half of 2012 in order to develop an infrastructure set up for electric mobility. the car makers daimler and bmw, the world's largest automotive supplier, bosch, the siemens conglomerate and the energy suppliers enbw and rwe undersigned a letter of intent in Stuttgart on jan 20, as the partners announced.


Even the billing of services should be unified in order to avoid "island solutions"





+++study: 30 percent of german car buyers would prefer e-mobility…according to the latest “continentalmobility-study”, every second german car driver could be using e-cars, and 30 percent would prefer an e-car for daily personal and professional mobility. only obstacle to do so, actually is the price, due to high battery costs. conti-ceo elmar degenhart: “as a pioneer for e-mobility, we are focusing on the cost-side,but we all in this future business have to cooperate on larger scale effects.”



Toyota Yaris hybrid
Toyota Yaris Hybrid, marketed in 2012

+++toyota launches yaris hybrid at geneva motorshow. as first model in the a-small-car-segment, toyota launches the yaris hybrid, to bemarketed in europe this year. the full-hybrid, based on a newly developed 1,5-litrepetrol engine and a 20 percent lighter and more compact electromotor, producing a system-output of 74 kW/100 PS, will be built in the valenciennes-plant in france. retail-prices will be announced in march.

Renault Fluence
Renault Fluence Z.E., to be marketed 2012

+++renault is planning a 10-percent-share of z.e.-cars until 2010. The renault-nissan-alliance has announced plans for a 10-percent-share of zero-emission-cars of its total production until 2020. presently, 2000 engineers and specialists are working on product-development of e-cars and the necessary infrastructure, f.e. energy-charging-stations and battery-changing-stations in important european markets like france, Italy,germany and spain. +++

++bmw and toyota to cooperate on li-ion-technology and diesel-engines. toyota motor cooperation (tmc) and bmw group have undersigned a long-term agreement on cooperating common r&d-programs on the next generation of li-on-battery-technology. bmw will also be supplying diesel-engines for the european market to Toyota.



Eric Besson
Monsieur Eric Besson

+++eCarTec 2012 in Paris under patronage of french minister. M. Eric Besson, french minister of economy, energy and digital business, will be holding patronage of the eCarTec Paris 2012, 3rd international special fair for e-mobility to be held from april 03 to 05 on the new fairground porte de versailles. there will also be a congress on actual perspectives and developments of e-mobility.,


Renault Kangoo
Kangoo can be ordered now for 20.000 € plus v.a.t.

+++Renault E-Cars can be ordered now. As first volume maker, Renault is offering e-cars from mass-production to fleet- and private customers to be ordered now: compact e-transporter Renault kangoo z.e. for a price of 20.000 €plus tax, and limousine Renault fluence z.e. for 25.690 € inclusive va.t.additionally to these prices, customers can rent li-ion-accus for a monthlyrate of 72 € plus v.a.t. delivery will be starting nov 18, 2012 www.renault .com+++




Opel Ampera
Opel Ampera wins eCarTec Award 2011

+ opel ampera wins eCarTec award 2011. Rita Forst, head of research & development with opel, took the bavarian state price from martin zeil, bavarian minister for economy, infrastructure, traffic and technology on the occasion of the eCarTec 2011 in munich. Zeil stated: “this is not a study, but the first electric car, which can be driven without compromise.” opel  ampera is equipped with a “range extender” for the 110 kW electro engine, a 1,4-litre fuel engine, loading the battery when needed, thus reaching up to 500 km with a consumption below 2 litres and a co²-output of 38 g/km. price starts at 42.900 €, delivery starts in spring 2012


Crash-Test einer Li-Ion-Battery beim TÜV Süd

+++tuev-sued is opening battery testing facility.

In garching, north of munich, tuev-sued, a leading international service organization for industry, mobility and certification, has opened its new testing facility for batteries. equipped with the most sophisticated technology, more than 100 testing places can be handled on a surface of 1000 sqm. tuev-sued also provides testing centres in auburn hills/Detroit, newmarket/toronto, singapore, china and the UK.


+++daimler ag wins „f-cell award gold“ for its first under serial conditions produced fuel cell car, the b-class f-cell. team-leader dr. christian mohrdieck and two of his head-engineers took the award on sept. 27 in Stuttgart. He claimed to start full production of f-cell cars in 2014. cecond winner came in from Stuttgart, too: supplier robert bosch-developpers for the surrounding electronics +++


+++ford and toyota to commonly develop hybrid drive for light trucks and suv. The two global players have announced a cooperation in developing a hybrid system for rear-axle-driven vehicles, mainly light trucks and suv, to be marketed until 2014. Additionally, the two companies will be laying together their telematic systems as “sync” and “myfordtouch”, and “g-book” and “g-link”.´´+++


Audi unveals urban concept car

Audi urban concept car
Audi urban concept car

+++The Audi urban concept is a 1+1-seat, ultra-light car for congested urban spaces. The technical study, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) 2011, does not fit under any of the conventional categories – the Audi urban concept combines elements of a racing car, a fun car and an urban car into one radical new concept


smart e-bike

Daimler to market e-bike under smart-label

+++Daimler has announced to market an e-bike under the smart-label, starting in  2012. The e-bike, produced by the Brandenburg-based Grace Company, will be a “means of transportation”, smart-CEO Annette Winkler explained. Pricing will be between 4000 and 8000 €,



+++ eCar Tec Award 2011 is granting 52.500 € in price money

To speed up and improve this process of conversion from combustion to e-mobility,  MunichExpo  will grant the eCar Tec Award on the occasion of eCarTec 2011, 3. International Trade Fair for Electric Mobility. "We are looking for the most innovative and promising projects and products from the field of electric mobility. By participating, enterprises can outline their innovative competence and gain a valuable marketing instrument to position their products on the market more successfully", states Robert Metzger, organizer of the trade fair eCarTec. "Only those who are at the cutting edge of this trend can benefit from this promising market. And the sales potential is in fact high".

Martin Zeil, Bavaria’s Minister of Economics and patron of the event: "The automotive industry together with the electric industry and mechanical engineering are the pillars of the Bavarian economy. The Federal Government and the Free State of Bavaria have therefore implemented a number of activities to acquire key competence in electric mobility.for more information:, +++

+++German Government is investing another € 500 Mio for Battery-R&D



Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan has launched a programme to develop a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. "By 2015 we want to see one million electric cars on Germany’s roads,” she announced her ambitious goal.


 According to Mrs. Schavan, the batteries currently on the market are still far too expensive and under-powered. By 2015 scientists working under the umbrella of the "Innovation Alliance” are to develop a new generation of powerful, affordable, safe, long-life batteries.
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is contributing another 500 million euros to promote the development of this "highly attractive, forward-looking technology”. Partners in industry will be investing another 360 million euros or so in the research programme.+++


+++Audi presents hybrid-high tech in Shanghai. the A3 e-tron concept. The full four-seat-limousine features the whole technological know-how of the brand. from the further optimized Multi-Media-Interface MMI to Highend-Infotainment and an optimized hybrid drive. The Plug-in-Hybrid provides 175 kW (238 hp) with its two aggregates and the Li-Ion-Akkus sufficient energy, to drive by up to 54 km purely


BMW Brilliance hybrid plug-in

+++ BMW brilliance presents concept of plug-in-hybrid sedan. In the run-up to the international automobile trade show Auto Shanghai 2011, BMW Brilliance Automotive presents the concept of a premium-segment plug-in hybrid sedan. In collaboration with its joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. BMW Group has thus taken the next step of the way towards creating the new energy vehicle for China. The prototype is based on the long wheelbase version of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, developed exclusively for the Chinese automobile market and produced at the Shenyang site. It is the first vehicle in its segment in China to provide a fully fledged combination of exclusive style and environmental awareness. In this way, it closes the gap in the high-end area while at the same time laying the foundation for the future development of a Chinese new energy vehicle in the premium segment. Its drive parallel hybrid drive set-up combines a combustion engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with an electrical motor. The innovative concept also includes special battery technology which includes the possibility of charging from a mains power



AD change
City-Pickup "change" von ADmotors, Südkorea

+++south korea is pushing e-mobility. one of the highlights of the 2nd eCarTec in Paris (march 30-31) was the strong presence of the Korean automotive industry represented by 16 exhibitors on a community stand. organized by the honam industry office, a cluster fostering future leading industries, the whole technology range starting with electronic parts and batteries to already marketed e-vehicles has been shown. south Korea has ambitious goals in e-mobility, striving for a world-market-share of 10 percent in 2015, and a local market-share of e-cars of 20 percent in 2020. The ministry of knowledge economy is supporting the industry with a budget of 250 billion € until 2014. development is concentrating on small city cars. in battery technology, south korea has plans of reaching a world-share of 50 percent until



Toyota-plug-in in Paris
Toyota Prius plug-in in Paris

+++ toyota starts plug-in-program in paris . with three plug-in-hybrid vehicles (PHV), toyota now starts a new one test-row. The existing partnership between toyota, that french energy-supplier EDF as well as the environment and energy-management-agency ADAME it will enlarge on that occasion by the city of paris.

In the french capital, the different possibilities of this primarily shall drawer-infrastructure are tested. So becomes the users in the greater area paris at public places and in parking structures between 150 and 200 drawer-stations to disposal put. With the construction of this infrastructure, electric mobility shall in the city and its outskirts be made possible.

The toyota plug-in hybrid is tested since 2007 in world-wide field-attempts. this attempt-row is enlarged successive by important regions and metropolises. through it the possibility of the energy-supply per drawer-cables sinks the CO2-output of the PHV to 59 gram per km. This corresponds to an average-consumption of 2,6 liters 100 each kilometer.



Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy for € 6.990


Renault ZOE Preview
Renault ZOE Preview

+++ renault ZOE preview. this is a first preview of the fourth e-car by renault, to be marketed in juli 2012. about 90 percent of its parts are identical with the gasoline-series version. the e-drive will be delivering 60 kW, offering a torque of 222 nm. The li-ion-battery is designed to a range of 160 km and can be recharged by normal driving, by quick-plug-in, or exchange of the pack.+++ 

BMW i 316 Designs
BMW i 316 Designs


+++bmw is creating a sub-brand for e-cars. bmw has announced founding a special brand, embedded in an affiliate company, specializing in developing and marketing its future program of e-cars: bmw i. starting in 2013, the bmw i3, a compact city vehicle with a carbon fibre body, will be produced in the leipzig factory of              

+++financial support for daimlers e-smart-car. according to the "sueddeutsche zeitung", the german government is planning a financial support-program for daimlers e-smart, providing customer awards for every sold unit. the deal is supposed be part of an arrangement between daimler and the german government, keeping the group as shareholder of

Honda Jazz Hybrid
Honda Jazz Hybrid

+++ honda jazz hybrid on sale in europe. the new version will be sold alongside a revised version of the petrol Jazz and marks the first time a parallel hybrid vehicle has been available to B-segment consumers. Importantly, the Jazz Hybrid will not lose any of the practicality of the conventional car, with the compact nature of the Honda IMA system allowing the B-segment car to retain its ultra-flexible "Magic Seats" and 300 litres of boot space.The IMA battery pack and power control unit have been integrated in the area under the boot floor, retaining the normal boot

+++eCarTec Paris 2011 - 2 ecarTec international conference & exhibition for electric mobility - held under the auspices of gérard voisin, a member of the national assembly, 30 - 31 march 2011 in paris (pullman paris rive gauche) instead. over 30 international exhibitors to 1,500 m² of exhibition space. 300 delegates and 2,000 trade-visitors are 

 +++usa: tax credits shift from hybrids to plug-in car. In a few weeks, ford will become the third auto company to see federal incentives for its hybrid gas-electric cars completely vanish. Tax credits for Honda hybrids bit the dust at the beginning of last year, and toyota hybrid credits completely phased out in late 2007. The clean vehicle incentives instated in 2005 provided tax credits, as much as $3,400, for 60,000 buyers per each automaker before a phase-out period of 16 months. read more under rules & regulations+++  

+++bestseller toyota prius. with a total of 315.669 sold units, the Toyota prius has set a new sales-record on the Japanese home market in 2010, plus 50 percent more than the previous year. worldwide, 2,1 million of the hybrid-car have been sold since its introduction in 1997, of which 211.000 units found european customers.

+++ renault accuses chinese companies of espionage: the french carmaker fires three top managers and accuses an unknown chinese car company of industry espionage in connection with their electro-car-program. The french secret service has already been involved by industry minister eric besson+++

Nissan lead, car of the year 2010

+++ nissan lead elected "car of the year": a jury of 56 european motor-journalists voted for the nissan lead as "car of the year" in europe. this is the first time an electro-diven car has been given this important award +++

Toyota Prius, best selling car in Japan

+++toyota prius in the lead as the most reliable car 2010: the german "tüv-report", an annual survey about car-faults found in regular security-checks, resulted in the top position of the toyota prius with the lowest quote of 2,2 faults for three year old cars. it is the first pole-position for a hybrid car +++

+++mitsubishi I-miev on sale now: the first mass-production electric car, mitsubishis i-miev, is on sale now at mitsubishi-dealers. price is 34 390 €, leasing is available. the  small car will later also be sold as peugeot ion and citroen e zero+++

+++acceptance for hybrid-cars rising: asking their german hybrid-car-customers, honda, pioneer of hybrid-technology, found a rapidly rising acceptance fort the dual ride: two years ago, 70 percent of honda hybrid owners stated, they had to “justify” their decision, now, in 2010, 77 percent feel their car is now fully accepted+++

+++bmw-group and psa peugeot citroen are extending cooperation: in a memo of understanding, dr.norbert reithofer, bmw-ceo and philippe varin, psa-ceo, habe extended their companies cooperation in developing and producing components for front-driven electro-vehicles+++

+++audi is concentrating e-car-development:  to create a perfect environment for developing hybrid- and electro-cars, audi has inaugurated a new center for e-drives in Ingolstadt. A team of 700 engineers and specialized personal will be networking in all aspects of developing and testing+++

+++ World Debut of Honda Fit EV Concept and Plug-in Hybrid Platform in LA Honda unveiled the all-new Fit EV Concept electric vehicle and the platform for a midsize plug-in hybrid vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Both vehicles are integral to the Honda Electric Mobility Network, the company's comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions through innovative products, energy-management and energy-production technologies+++

+++e-cars will be creating 110.000 new jobs in europe. According a new Study filed by mckinsey strategy consultants, future e-cars will be creating some 110.00 new, highly qualified jobs in europe until 2030. The car-industry will be needing more engineers with a background in chemistry and electronics+++

++++++russian group plans city-hybrid-car- russias onexim-group has started its city-car-project, a hybrid with an integrated, gas-powered rotation-engine, directly charging  an 44 kw-electromotor (see more  on the hybrid-vehicle-page)  

+++ e-mobility-partnership - the renault-nissan alliance has engaged in a partnership with "the mobility house", (tmh) an austrian-based service-provider for solutions in electro-mobility. tmh-services will also be available for renault-nissan e-cars in switzerland+++


+++Renault Twizy is starting at a low budget-price. for an initial list price of 6.990 €, Renault pushes its twizy into the market, starting February 2012. but, additionally, the owner has to lease the battery-set for € 45 p.m. for a yearly distance of 7500 km. the two-seater has a range of up to 115 km with a battery loadcircle. Twizy is 2,3 m short, 1,2 m width and able to transport two persons and an additional load of 60 kg. 








Daimler and Bosch are planning  joint venture for e- motors     

+++Stuttgart. Daimler Inc and Robert Bosch Ltd intend to develop their long-time good partnership and to work together with the development and production of electric motors for E-vehicles in europe henceforth. The businesses signed a corresponding declaration of intent and contract-negotiations about the foundation one 50:50 - picked up joint venture, that 2011 should still be completed in the first half-year.

With the concentration of their competences, the two businesses want to accelerate the development-advances with powertrains and open up corresponding synergies. In accordance with declaration of intent, the common production should start already 2012, the use in electro-vehicles of Mercedes-Benz and smart is planned from 2012. The distribution at further automobile-manufacturers should take place over Bosch afterwards. The common activities should be placed in the greater area of Stuttgart and in Hildesheim +++