How efficient are hybrid- and electro vehicles by comparison...

+++renault to establish online-platform. Under the address renault is providing a new online-platform, concerning questions on itse-cars, service tools and energy supply, plus some fun facts+++

charging-stations along french autoroutes
charging-stations along french autoroutes

+++e-power-stations along french highways. Renault and vinci autoroutes are building up a battery-charging infrastructure for e-cars along the 4.400 km french highway-net. starting at the end of 2011, the cooperation-partners will be providing up to 700 fast-charging stations on park-and-ride places.+++

High Voltage in the Dealer-Network: What are the consequences ?

Oliver Nass: High Voltage in the Dealer Network

The development of alternative propulsion systems in the motor vehicle sector represents a major challenge both for the automobile manufacturers and for the dealer network. The potential of alternative propulsion systems is enormous, provided that the safety of the technicians who work on the high-voltage systems can be guaranteed. ESG has already supported the first OEMs during the introduction of their electrical or hybrid vehicles. The impact of the necessary adaptation to meet required competences and processes is still underestimated in the dealer networks. The following presentation by Oliver Nass, President of ESG France, will highlight some of the key consequences for the dealer networks, including consideration of the upcoming legislation, and provide an opportunity to discuss first experiences of the practical aspects.