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combines charging system
Combined charging-System by eight worldwide car makers approved

+++combined charging system by eight worldwide car makers. Audi. BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM,  Porsche and Volkswagen have commonly presented a standardized DC-Fast-Charging-System for e-vehicles. Approved by SAE (society of automotive engineers) and ACEA (european automobile manufacturers association) ,  the system will be introduced by the end of 2012, reducing costs in development and infrastructure. It is capable of fast-charging batteries within 20 minutes. www.volkswagen-media-services.com+++

+++green wheel for diesel-hybrid technology from psa and bosch. the common engineering achievement by the psa peugeot citroen group and robert bosch to create the first diesel-hybrid vehicles, has been awarded with the “greenwheel” from bild am sonntag. the combination of a diesel engine with an electrified power train leads to a consumption reduction of up to 35 percent.It also realizes a four-wheel drive with the diesel engine on the front and the electric drive on the rear axle. www.bosch.com www.psa.com

eCarTech-Award for Schaeffler eWheelDrive

+++eCarTec  award for schaeffler eWheelDrive. At the occasion of the international lead-fair eCarTec in Munich (oct. 18-20, 2011), the Bavarian state price for electro-mobility in the category “drivetrain-technology, system electronics and testing-systems has been awarded to the schaeffler-group for its eWheelDrive-design. This compact in-wheel-motor electric drive with integrated braking-system and electronics is designed for city-vehicles and can be fitted into normal rims. The system is producing a power-output of up to 70 kW and a max. torque of up to 700 Nm. www.schaefflergroup.com +++

Bosch-Generator, producing 25 kW