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About Hype and Reality


The hype-cycle

Public awareness is always, and foremost, media awareness. Following the media coverage on e-mobility in the last months, one could come to the conclusion: the hype is over. Is it so, is it reality, or is it just a phase of disappointment about things not moving fast enough than expected.


Lets face reality. Any major industrial revolution in the last century – individual mobility by cars, computing and mobile communication – has undergone about the same process, Jackie Fenn, VP and Fellow at Gartner Inc., worlds leading IT Consulting Company, described this in her hype cycle:


Following this cycle, we have now crossed the valley of disappointment and are moving up the path of enlightment.


This means, we are on the way to the long-time plateau of productivity, which means there is a  change of paradigms into a new era of mobility. How much time will it take? The industry is thinking and planning in – at least – 7 Years cycles of product innovation. This time, the cycles will be lasting longer, may be another 10 to 15 Years. But, R&D in the industry are moving faster, and in the right direction.


The question is not, if e-mobility will be revolutionizing our future way of sustainable mobility, but when this will be reality. In a recent press conference for the eCarTec 2012, Horst Schneider, Member of the Board of TÜV Süd, worldwide provider of mobile safety services and strongly engaged in e-mobility, said at the press conference for the eCarTec 2012: “Doubts are the wrong signal. The future of e-mobility is clear to see.”  

Alfons Kifmann

Alfons Kifmann, Publisher