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Conti-CEO Degenhart: e-mobility is a national task

Hanover. On the billion-future-market, electro-mobility from Germany  only will be reaching a position to the international top if the national support is concentrated, says Conti-ceo Elmar Degenhart.  Instead of state support of the watering can-principle, individual businesses with the responsibility for particular areas like drive-technology or infrastructure have to aim been equipped, the car-supplier's ceo from Hanover demanded in the "VDI news ". The platform electro-mobility of the Federal government is not enough in its present form in order to advance a competitive production for electro-drives.  "We must take on huge tasks. That of all is to be managed only with connected bases and close partnerships", Degenhart told the journal.  Concerning The platform of May 2010 with representatives from industry, science and research,  the responsibilities are still laid on too many shoulders. Certain partners should get leadership-functions. Furthermore a "steering-circle" of all the participant could coordinate the tasks better with the technology-development, Degenhart proposed.  With the goal of one million electro-autos on Germany`s roads until 2020, the Federal government should be moving faster and more concentrating. Above all, there is danger of losing the race the development of efficient batteries, at countries like China, Japan, Korea, the USA or France, who put on earlier extensive promotion programs.  Members of the platform electro-mobility had moved an inter-result in Berlin end of November. they sent a reminder about a "fast, closed and goal-oriented" action. Until 2013, at least four billion Euro shall be invested. How much of this will be financed from public budgets, still is unclear,

Here, some examples of Conti`s e-car-development.

Conti e-concept 1
Conti Hybrid Drive for Frontwheel-driven cars
Conti Hybrid Drive
Conti Power-split-unit with generator
Conti Hybrid Drive
Conti e-drive unit
Conti e-drive-unit
Conti e-drive-unit for rear wheel-driven cars